Located on the peninsula of Brisbane's West End,

The Tanuki Lounge is PaulieB's recording oasis,

a Tiki Island amidst the haste of city life.


Originally set up in 2004, the studio is based around Paulie's lifelong and colourful collection of instruments, vintage microphones and preamps.  


The Tanuki Lounge is the undisputed home of Brisbane's Soul, Roots & Reggae scene.  

It's a very relaxed place to hang out and record music, with all of West End's eateries, cafes, record stores and vintage shops just footsteps away.


All of our handmade releases are lovingly recorded or mixed by Lord Tanuki Himself to ensure the freshest sounds and tastiest tones.  We take great pride in what we do and thank you all for your ongoing support.



Record live as a full band or overdub, concentrating one musician at a time - it's your choice.  Most clients prefer a combination of the two approaches to harness the raw energy of the live band followed by overdubs with extra attention to Vocals, Horns, Solos and additional advanced production techniques.  With five separate spaces to use, most groups can track predominantly live and still have excellent isolation.



Whether you recorded at home or in another professional studio, bring in your multi-track recordings and PaulieB can easily bring out the best in your sounds with vintage outboard effects, plug-in bundles by WAVES, IZOTOPE, MASSEY, LEXICON and many more, in a dedicated studio mixdown session.




We use a combination of digital and analog equipment to lay out the timeline of your release, balance the volume and tone of each song and finally boost them all up to broadcast level adding as much colour and character as is right for you.

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