May we introduce you to some of our talented Aritsts...  This amazing family has helped define the roots sound of The Tanuki Lounge and created the haven for Autralian Reggae, Dub, Funk & Soul that it has become.  



The second Album from Samoan Australian Rythm Champion Bobby Alu.  Featuring Ukelele, traditional Pacific Island Percussion and soulful five part harmonies and a killer allstar band, this is sunday music for hammocks at its very chilled out best. 


Hailing from West End, Kooii are Brisbanes Jazz Reggae World Music Superstars.  This is their highly acclaimed debut album and the very first album ever completed at the Tanuki Lounge.


'Upsteppers In Dub' is an instrumental dub EP featuring new tunes written exclusively for collaboration with some of Australia's most authentic dub producers.


Kingfisha have taken Jamaican rhythms and infused them with honest songwriting and strong melodies to create their own sound, genuine, Australian Reggae. Outstanding musicianship and strong songwriting has put Kingfisha on the map and now, they deliver with this hypnotic debut. It features some of Australian Reggae's smoothest sounds.


PaulieB's first solo album, this collection explores the use of dub as a production style, regardless of genre and summarises the Tanuki Lounge signature sound - HiFi LoFi.


Hippy shakin' flower punk. pop, noise, love, rock n roll, ballads.


When the leader of a gypsy orchestra comes down with a case of the soul ache shivers and writes a killer collection of jazz steeped crooner songs, albums like this are born.  Born to Burn baby.  Michael Rogers leads an allstar jazz and funk rythm section and a 6 piece horn section that like butter and jam on their toast. 


Featuring some of Brisbane’s best brass players and percussionists, the collective parts of Barksdale includes current and past members of much loved Brisbane acts including Doch, Bullhorn, Miguel and Dubmarine. Drawing on the street beats of New Orleans combined with influences from the Balkans, Barksdale Brass Band captivate with their dynamic sound and infectious energy.  This track features vocals by Hannah Macklin from MKO.


Written & recorded over 2 days, The New Buzz's debut ep was birthed dripping with voodoo and juju. Hot hot hot!!!  Featuring funky brothers such as PaulieB (Bobby Alu / Beautiful Girls), Peter G ( Golden Sound), Joel Alexander ( Bullhorn / Dubmarine / The Upsteppers) Grim Tilla (Grim Tilla and the Diablo / Laneous / Upsteppers) and Paul Watson (Dubmarine) plus the hottest vocalists on the block!

Its a get down situation!!



Lansana is a Kora griot and a virtuosic Belafon and Djembe player from Guinea, West Africa.  His first album 'Adouna' is a magical Kora fusion album, featuring Kora, Belafon and vocals by Lansana with Bobby Alu on drums, PaulieB on Guitar and Tony Kicken on bass.  

Here's a whole lot more tracks from The Tanuki Lounge we thought you all might like to hear!  Enjoy...

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