STUDIO TIME: $70 per hour (All Inclusive)

If you want use your own engineer the Studio itself is available for hire at just $100 per 4hr Block.  If you want to work with PaulieB aka 'Lord Tanuki' the standard rate is $70/hr whether your recording, mixing or mastering.  Both options include all inhouse equipment and instruments.  Day rates of $700 are capped at 10 hrs.  Any time beyond that is charged at $25/15mins. Harsh we know, but who really wants to do overtime?  Concentration melt down and ear fatigue usually prevent anything of much worth happening in the 11th hr.

MIXING: Contact us for a Quote

Mixing a song can take as little as 2hrs or as long as 2 - 3 days, depending on what you have to begin with and what you want.  Get in touch with Paulie to discuss your projects needs.

MASTERING: $17.50 per 15 mins

Mastering your songs can take as little as 15 minutes per track.  If you have great mixes and no serious problems with your audio,  good mastering need not cost thousands of dollars.  If your tracks need more work to get them shining it can take an hour or more per song.


In your mastering session we will allign the timeline of your release, check the transitions and space between all the tracks (to your specs), Place any CD index points needed, treat each track for level and tone shaping individually to bring out their character and then fine tune them all to sit together as a beautifully cohesive body of work, with dynamic rises and falls just where you want them.  Finally we use a combination of digital and analogue gear to bring them up to broadcast level.  

Remember, louder is not always better.  Choosing a good reference is always the best way to go.  How loud was Thriller mastered? What about Stevie Wonder or the Dead Kennedies?  Bob Marley or Bon Iver? Select something that your release will sit well with in era and genre and you'll be amazed at the results.


PRE-PRODUCTION: Contact for a Quote

One of the most important and overlooked phases of modern redording is pre-production.  Wherever you want to record your music, being prepared and confident is what really saves time and money.  Work with Award winning musician and producer PaulieB on your rehearsals, arrangements and performances to get everything truly in shape before hitting the studio. Pre-production packages with demos are available, just ask us for what you need.

Many artists want a release that is more than just a recording of themselves.

Paulie is an Aria Award winning multi-intrumentalist and a world class producer. He can work with you or your whole band to explore the presentation of your songs in a variety of genres and expand your original ideas.  The Tanuki Lounge also has a ready supply of amazing session musicians from The extended Tanuki Lounge family that we can bring in to play on your recordings for reasonable sesion rates.  If there's someone who's playing you love from any record we've ever made, there's a good chance we can book them to play on your recording or to help you arrange your material.

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Contact for a Quote

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