Our Studio is currently housed in a rustic old Queenslander cottage with a most remarkable egg yolk and seafoam green colour scheme left most graciously to us by the previous tennants. Leased by neccesity after an unjustified eviction from a previous location, the space originally provided Lord Tanuki with exactly what he needed - a place to make records, immediately.  The Brisbane Jazz World Reggae scene was being pioneered by the mighty Kooii and they needed to drop an album before they caught fire.  

This album 'Beads on a String' was to be a 3 way debut - the internationally acclaimed debut from Kooii, PaulieB's first ever album production credit and the first album to come from The Tanuki Lounge.  


More than a decade later and the yolk of this ramshakle green egg has become hallowed ground and a hub for bands like Kooii, Kingfisher & Bobby Alu as well as Rudekat Records and the entire extended musical families of everyone involved.  Artists like 'The Strides' and 'Echo Drama' have travelled interstate to get some of the secret Tanuki goodness into their mixes.  Jazz luminaries like Steve Newcomb, The Vampires and Laura & Jeff Tain Watts have had Lord Tanuki Mix and Remix their compositions.  This amazing family has helped define the roots sound of The Tanuki Lounge and created the haven for Autralian Reggae, Dub, Funk & Soul that it has become.





Studio Layout

Vintage Valve and Modern Transformer Preamps

Old School Mics

& Techniques...

We record on Protools with serious attention to mic choice, placement,  and ultimately performance. Nothing here is here because it's cool - it's here because it sounds good and somebody used it for something awesome.


While we pay great attention to various recording techniques, we try and stay away from using studio 'tricks'​ and instead simply rely on great musicians, playing great parts on great instruments, through great sounding amps, into great sounding mics and preamps.  


We get extremely experimental while searching for what is the right approach to capture each and every track and embrace the rebellious DIY attitude to making records. 


We believe in most cases, that less is more.  And we believe that making records should be fun.  And serious.  



The Mics

Lord Tanuki is a huge fan of collecting odd mics.  He has many classic vintage mics including a vintage matched pair of U87's, a pair of MD409's, 421's, as well as several 50's & 60's ribbon mics (like the Beyer M160 - a mic favoured by Hendrix and Page for their guitar recordings) and a vast array of other dynamics.  But it's often the strange unlabelled quirky mics that pop up in the right places that really put the wahoo in the coconuts.  He also has the ubiquitous 57's, 58's, Rode NT1s, NT3's and NT5's but they seem to get used less and less.  Old Dynamic and Ribbon mics have really shaped the character of the Tanuki Lounge catalogue.


8 x JLM Transformer Pre's (TMP8) with optional soft limiters, 1 Tubetech RM8 module with one Pre, One Pultec & one opto Comp, 2 x TLAudio Valve Classic Pre's, 2 x Vintage Valve Pre's with input and output tubes (like a Guitar amp) that you can drive really nice.  



1 x Urie LA4, 1 x stereo RNC, 2 x mono DBX 166XL, 1 x DBX overeasy comp. 1 x Tubetech optocomp.



Vast collection of stomp box effects including some rareities, Original RE201 Space echo in perfect working order, lexicon verbs, TC electronic verbs, other delays, more delays, and fun fun things.

Genelec 1030A

Made in Finland, the Genelec 1030A is a very compact bi-amplified active monitor system, which has performance comparable to much larger systems. The vented speaker enclosure has an amplifier unit set into the back. This unit contains an active electronic crossover, overload protection circuitry and two power amplifiers: one for each driver. The system’s excellent dispersion and precise imaging together with its compact size make it ideal for near field monitoring.



Yamaha NS10

The orginal.  The Legend. Love them or hate them, they are an indespensible monitoring option that we use daily at The Tanuki Lounge.

Recording Platform

We record on a G5 Mac tower currently support ProTools 9 and Digi 002.  Most sounds are captured using outboard tranformer and valve preamps and a custom made JLM Audio A/D Converter that's jacked into the optical input of the 002, so you're never really hearing the digidesign hardware.




So many plugins, including

Izotope - Ozone, Nectar, Trash.

Waves - SSL Bundle, NLS,  Kramer MPX, Echoes

PSP SPring Box

All Intruments are included in every session at no extra charge.  Most rhythm sections could, in theory, walk in with nothing and get that 'Tanuki' sound.
Inhouse Instruments

1969 Yamaha Jazz Drumkit, 1968 L-112 Hammond Organ with Drawbars (No Leslie), 1970's 73 Fender Rhodes, LP Aspire Congas, Assorted Vintage Electric Basses, Maton 335 cutaway acoustic, Melodicas, Tambourines, shakers & various percission, Assorted electric guitars, Orla Chord Organ, Glokenspiel, Bongos, Microkorg.




Gallein Kruger 800RB bass amp with 4x10 Ampeg cab, Fender Deluxe 40W valve amp, Jazz Recital 15W vintage amp, Vox Pathfinder Amp, various other small oddities.

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